Thursday, December 29, 2011

Choosing Winter Shoes For Your Leg Shape

Today we are pleased to have a timely and informative guest post
from Nicole Rodgers about choosing the right winter shoes
for your leg shape! Enjoy!

Winter Shoes To Accentuate Your Leg Shape
Stand in front of a full length mirror and assess the shape of your legs. Fashion isn't totally dependent upon the latest trends. Fashion also means enhancing your personal sense of style. It's more than possible to find winter shoes that not only focus on personal style but also makes a fashion statement about your legs. Shoes worn in winter needn't be drab in color or material. Coordinate your personal style in shoes for winter with the rest of the season's wardrobe. Most of all, keep the shape of your legs in mind before purchasing shoes.

How To Choose Shoes For Your Personal Leg Shape
Slim legs needs shoes that don't overpower. Balance with long, slim legs is essential to how to choose the perfect winter shoes. If calves are wide or ankles tend to be thick, choose understated styles that are deliberately simple and don't call attention to your legs. Take note of the type of heels on winter shoes. This can be a clue to how attractive they will make your legs appear. Err on the side of caution with shoes worn in winter, particularly if being outdoors is a daily necessity. In this case, it's important to choose shoes with secure soles and heels to avoid slipping and falls.

Love Your Leg Shape
No matter what shape leg you have, there's always an attractive option to make them look great. The materials from which shoes are constructed often play a role in this. Winter shoes may be made from leather, suede or other grain materials. Each of these materials offers various leg shapes a wider range of choices to create "leg appeal".

Don't be afraid to try winter shoes in several types of materials to know which makes your particular leg shape most attractive. Thicker leather looks best on slim legs while elegant suede creates the right note of style for wider calves and ankles. Couple the types of shoe materials with colors that have a slimming effect and the result is nothing short of ultra high fashion.

Narrow Leg Shapes
If your leg shape is very narrow, this is actually an advantage. Winter shoes can add just the right amount of depth to legs that are narrower in shape. Keep balance in mind when choosing styles for this type of leg shape. Exaggerated styles will make the legs appear more linear. Watch the type of heels on winter shoes for slender legs. Ultra slim or reedy higher heels place a direct focus on very slim leg shapes that may not be as attractive.

Funky, Fun Or Flirtatious Winter Shoes

Shoes aren't just a covering for the feet anymore. Today's fashion in winter shoes demands a certain panache that makes the entire wardrobe stand out. Winter shoes can be funky, fun or flirtatious for casual or more formal wear. The numerous options available in winter shoes make it easy to choose the right style for any type of leg shape.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the fashion, fitness, and technology. This year Nicole decided to start eating well to lose weight. This helped her fit into her favorite jeans again for the new year. To celebrate Nicole decided to purchase some new jeans, boots, and nail polish to welcome in the new year.


  1. Unfortunately I have the beginnings of Kankles and all the dieting and exercise in the world won't help so some styles just don't work on my legs any more!! But booties have been a godsend as they cover them up!

  2. Great post! I just learned that suede will help my thicker calves immensely and loved your other tips! I'll definitely have to take all of these tips into consideration!


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