Friday, November 16, 2012

What's Wrong with Uggs?

Guest Blogger Claire has some thoughts for us about Uggs!
There has been some recent stipulation that the Ugg boot is becoming more and more unfashionable. The once highly popular footwear choice for many girls seems to be taking a turn for worst and heading into the fashion hall of shame. For years, these sheepskin boots have been a saviour to our poor feet that constantly take a beating from high heels and pinching shoes. So why now are we falling out with the loveable Ugg boots?

Celebrities are often seen wearing their beloved Ugg boots when looking a little less than perfect. Whether they are out walking their dogs, picking their kids up or just heading out to the shops, whenever we see an a lister on one of their off days, this is usually when they are also wearing their Ugg boots. Perhaps this is why we are starting to go off the footwear brand? Watching stars wear our comfortable boot choices when they aren’t looking at their finest may have now put us off for life.

Ugg boots are our usual go to footwear when we want something comfortable to wear on our feet. After many nights out wearing high heels and long days wearing pinching shoes, the Ugg boot was once a saviour to our long suffering feet. What is wrong with throwing on a pair when you have had a long day at work or a heavy partying session the night before? 

Honestly, I think many of us will keep wearing our Ugg boots for the comfort factor alone. They may not be the most glamorous shoes in the world of footwear but among the many high heels, stilettos, wedges and sandals that are about, they are a relief to many women who want something comfortable to wear.

Claire Hunter, enjoys writing about everything and anything. Her favourite topic, and one she writes about the most, is fashion but she also likes to write about home wares, gadgets, technology, gift ideas, food and culinary. She hopes you enjoy reading her blog post.

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