Monday, March 21, 2011

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In Her Shoe…

But How Did She Get There???

There was an old woman, who lived in her shoe… but she certainly wasn’t always old and probably didn’t always live in that darn shoe either.  So how did she get there then?  I was supposed to be working this weekend, but I couldn't get the thought out of my mind.  There are a lot of possibilities and so I decided to jot down a few and share them.  Let me know what you think, and share your own ideas too.
There’s a great chance she was just hit really hard by a recession.  She was a single mom and had a lovely little three bedroom home in the suburbs where she commuted to the city for her corporate job.  Her many kids were able to sleep comfortably between two bedrooms through the use of bunk beds and their love of one another.  They probably attended private school, most assuredly had a dog named Buddy, and enjoyed a quaint white picket fence.  Well, cutbacks and the economy had an impact on everyone and the old woman was no exception.  After selling Buddy to the neighbors, using the fence for fire wood, and eventually foreclosing on their home, the family had no choice.  Mom’s collection of sensible work pumps suddenly seemed completely capable of being mortared together and used as a make shift home.
Then again, perhaps the Old Woman was married … and married well at that.  She was the college sweetheart of a man she stood by while he worked his way through medical school.  They married young and she kept a clean and organized home for the good doctor.  She was content and well cared for.  She popped out a couple of babies and continued to be the trophy wife her husband so desired.  She thought they would grow old together, but after she turned 40 she noticed her husband had grown distant.  When confronted, he confessed that he was not only having an affair but that he planed on leaving his wife and marrying his young mistress.  She becames all too familiar with the term “starter wife” as the doctor upgraded and the Old Woman officially joined the First Wives Club.  To add insult to injury she was turned out without a penny and regreted signing that pre-nup.  She packed her bags and realized she has an inordinate amount of shoes (the doctor was good for something, most notably his credit cards).  Falling back on the only skills she has (domestic ones); she whips out her sewing machine and stitches her footwear together into a shack that resembles a large boot. (alright, I know it’s tough to sew shoes together, but do you have other ideas???)   
Or maybe she was just a really fabulous single gal in the city who used her trust fund to have a designer residence built in the shape of an amazing shoe.  Feeling awfully lonely despite her fantastic footwear collection, she began adopting kids.  She couldn’t stop… acquiring them like designer handbags and quickly finding out how much joy and fulfillment they brought to her life.
There are surely more explanations for the Old Woman’s predicament, but I’m guessing she was just like so many other woman: obsessed with shoes and trying her best to be a good mom!    

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