Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rue21 Silhouettes that go with Spring Shoes

Now that spring is on it's way you've most likely picked out your spring shoes, which includes sandals, flats, high heels, and perhaps a few pairs of wedges. Or, if you're shoe obsessed it may be all of the above! If you are one of those fashionistas that always picks out her shoes before buying a few new seasonable outfits, don't forget about your spring silhouettes! Luckily rue21 has a variety of silhouettes, including women's activewear that will help you enjoy each season and get into shape before summer rolls around. Here are some suggestions on what rue21 clothing to pair with your fashionable shoes (since you know that you already have way too many pairs!)

Graphic Tees Paired with Flats

Flats always seem to look great paired with graphic tees, and that's because graphic tees are so versatile and trendy! A foil lace draped back top would look adorable paired with your favorite pair of jean shorts and a comfy pair of flats. This is the perfect spring and summer staple because it will keep you cool while making you still looking very chic. Plus, quarter length sleeves are perfect for when it's just starting to warm up. You won't get too hot but you will stay cool enough in this type of unpredictable spring weather.Your favorite graphic tees on rue21 are hard to pass up, especially since you have so many shoes that would look great with this tee and others! 

Pair Printed Leggings with Running Shoes

Perhaps you are obsessed with running shoes, and if that's the case pair your favorite printed leggings  (found at rue21 of course!) with your favorite running shoes for a casual style or workout style if you love to head to Pilates or cardio classes or the gym on a regular basis. Diamond Tribal Leggings are tons of fun (they would look great with a black tee and hot pink shoes) and so are Aztec Striped Leggings if you're looking to really amp up your style. Can't you just imagine heading to a workout class in these sassy leggings?! You would be showing everyone that you can't wait to work your hardest! 

Dresses Paired with Pumps

Dresses paired with pumps are always a fun outfit to wear, especially if you plan on heading out with your girlfriends or just feel like dressing up to go to the movies. A high low dress or striped skater dress would look fabulous with your pumps and make you feel like the lovely fashionista that you are. Just don't forget to accessorize and switch up your shoes occasionally because even though pumps are fun, dresses can also easily go with flats or flip flops too! 

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