Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Narrow Women's Shoes That Are Gentle On Your Feet

It's been said that Americans work longer hours than people living in other countries. For some Americans, a lot of this time is spent standing. However, even if American's work jobs that allow them to sit at a desk for long periods or if they work alternate schedules (i.e. telecommuting, part-time), they probably spend a good portion of their workday in a pair of shoes. A poor quality shoe could do more than bring discomfort to a worker, a bad pair of shoes could also damage a worker's feet, ankles, calves and back. That's a high price to pay for wearing the wrong pair of shoes, even a pair of stylish narrow women's shoes.

The Mayo Clinic reports in its "Walking Shoes, Features and Fit That Keep You Moving" article that, "How a shoe is built makes a difference in its fit and function." Features to look for in quality narrow women's shoes include:

  • Arch (a shoe that provides an arch that's not too flat or too tall could give you the comfort and support you need)
  • Width (make sure narrow women's shoes aren't so narrow that they pinch your feet as this could cause your feet to blister)
  • Length (similar to a shoe's width, narrow women's shoes that are too long or too short could not only cause you to feel uncomfortable as soon as you put them on, they could also cause your feet to blister)
Shoes that don't fit your feet right when it comes to length and width, could also aggravate existing hammertoes or bunions that you have. To avoid these and other problems, when looking for a pair of narrow women's shoes, look for a shoe that fits the normal shape and size of your foot. As noted in the Mayo Clinic article, "Your shoes should conform to the shape of your feet. Your feet should never be forced to conform to the shape of a pair of shoes."

It's these types of shoes, that come in patent leather, suede, woven leather and knit and in a wide range of colors and hues, including reds, blues, greens, blacks and purples, that could offer you the stylish, professional look you may want while you're at work and walking while away from the job. These types of shoes could also help you avoid foot blisters, not to mention hours of pain and discomfort.

According to the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics June 22, 2012 "American Time Use Survey Summary," employed Americans worked an average 7.6 hours a day. However, the average number of hours Americans worked on weekdays was 8, while the average number of time Americans worked on weekends was 5.7 hours. That's a lot of time to stay in a bad pair of shoes. Wear a quality, stylish pair of narrow women's shoes and you might not feel as if you have shoes on. You also might provide adequate support for your back, calves, ankles and feet throughout the day, benefits that could help improve your overall health over time.

This article was written by guest blogger Rhonda Campbell.

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  1. Hi, I have a lot of close friends - guys especially - who refuse to take the extra few minutes to properly fit they shoes. They just assume that they're the same size for all brands and I've seen them literally walk into a shoe store, order a size, and walk out without even untying the laces. Unbelievable!

    There's nothing quite like a great pair of shoes and I hope more people will actually take the time to walk around and try out the shoes before purchasing them.



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