Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Perfect Shoes for Autum

Changing seasons are time to change shoes... 
today's guest post from Claire Hunter 
looks at some Autumn shoes!
When a new season is upon us, there is only one thing to think about, a new wardrobe. Every girl looks forward to each new season, it allows us to go shopping for new clothes to prepare for the change in weather. Lets face it you would not go out in your summer bikini during winter now would you? So of course when the temperature alters, it is time to start looking for new pieces to add to our wardrobes.

The coming season at the moment is of course autumn. Autumn is a wonderful time for fashion. You can wear just enough layers without being too hot or too cold. Jackets, jumpers, boots, jeans, scarves and leggings are all great additions that can be purchased in preparation for the autumn season.

Online footwear stores have collections of footwear that are perfect for the autumn season. You will find the stores offering collections of boots and women's shoes that would not look out of place on any outfit during the coming season. Here’s a little look at my faves from the ranges.

The Ash wedge trainers collection offers a range of designs that will add style to any look. Wear with a pair of skinny jeans and a colorful jumper, layer over a biker jacket and you are on to a winning autumn outfit.

The array of brogues available at the moment would look stunning worn with some straight cut trousers and a loose fitting shirt. Perfect for creating a masculine look that is right on trend at the moment.

You will also come across a selection of ballerina pumps in the current collections of women's shoes. The quilted styles are ideal for days when only a smart casual look will do. Add to a colorful skater style skirt, cover up with tights and you are ready to go.

So if you have started shopping for the season changeover, why not take a look at the latest collections of designer footwear online. With a great choice of styles on offer and some fantastic looks to choose from, you are sure to find a new pair that is perfect for autumn wearing. 
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