Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Choosing The Best Footwear For An Evening Dress

Planning a night on the town? 
Choosing the right shoes can make the outfit!
Our guest blogger Amy has some great tips!

Most of you will agree with me when I say that a woman is very particular about her shoes; spending long hours when shopping for a pair. In fact, we may sometimes be pickier with our footwear than our clothes; and it’s for a good reason – the shoes we wear not only add to our physical appeal, it may also affect how we feel and how we act.

Choosing the right pair to wear with an evening dress is quite tricky, because there are several things to think about. To help out, consider the following factors:

Color and length of the dress
It could be said that it is already common sense to pick shoes that complement the color of the dress you’re wearing. This doesn’t mean that your footwear should be of the same color of your dress, though. In fact, there are safe and staple choices – black, white or silver. These colors are known to match most other colors. You can also experiment with colors like brown, olive, deep red or navy blue; generally, your shoes should be darker than your dress – but you can be bold and bend the rules as long as you can “rock” it.

The length and cut of the dress also affects the choices, as you would have to consider those for the design of your shoes or sandals. For example, wearing strappy sandals will be quite useless if your dress covers your footwear most of the time, or wearing generic pair of closed black shoes may look boring when paired by a short, pencil-cut dress.

Nature of the event
This includes the venue and type of the event. It is probably not wise to wear stilettos when going to an evening wedding reception at the beach, nor is it advisable to wear flats at an event that is akin to walking on a red carpet.  The bottom-line here is that the shoes you are wearing should be as appropriate for the occasion as your dress. Elegant shoes or sandals are called for formal events, while more casual ones can be worn for more laid-back dinners or parties.

Heels add to the sense of power and self-confidence in women, but let’s not forget that we must also consider comfort when choosing our footwear. If you think that you will be walking, standing or dancing a lot, then don’t wear sky-high heels if you’re not used to them. Not only will your feet kill you, but you might also run the risk of being embarrassed if you trip over. Remember that there should be a good balance between looking good and feeling good.

Amy C. Fountain is a businesswoman and interior designer who enjoys giving fashion advices and home decoration tips. In her websites, she helps homeowners spice up their homes with the use of Accent Tables and Bamboo Water Fountains.

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